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AMFC’s Spirit of Aviation award Washington Aviation Association

Aero Maintenance Flight Center strives to be the cornerstone of the historic Pearson Air Field by being a one stop shop for everything involved in aircraft ownership and pilot training.

Together, the maintenance shop, avionics shop, and flight department make a powerful trilogy of aviation services.

Aero Maintenance has been providing services to the Vancouver area since 1980.  It all began at Evergreen Airport with maintenance being performed for aircraft owners.  The demand for aircraft services went up, so did the business.  In 1996 Aero Maintenance moved to Pearson Airport and became the fixed base operator for Vancouver’s Historic Pearson Airport.



Our services include:


“I am a student pilot. I knew nothing about flying. Started searching online for the best way to get started. Saw lots of pathways advertised (online courses, kits for at home etc). I really wanted to take a class with a teacher that I could ask questions and really learn things. I started searching in the Vancouver/PDX area and found Aero Maintenance. I was surprised a how little it cost to take their ground school and was blown away at all the materials they put together for me to succeed. I didn’t know anyone at this FBO and now feel like I have friends there. Theresa, D.J., Adam, Jason, and Clu are the staff members I’ve had interactions with and have found they all are genuine, kind, passionate people who want to help. I recently made it through ground school and wanted to thank them. I know I have a community of friends who are behind me in this new journey.”

– Dustin Ruth


“I am going to start training for my Private Pilot certificate with Aero Maintenance – I dropped in yesterday and found the staff to be helpful without being pushy, and was able to chat with their head instructor for a few minutes before her 2 o’clock appointment. I am looking forward to a long relationship with this FBO.Their rental rates are lower than others in the area, and a quick check on AirNav shows their gas (100LL) to be about a quarter cheaper per gallon than Troutdale (KTTD) and 40 cents less than Hillsboro (KHIO).”

– Eric Riley