Airport Information

Airport InformationJust Minutes from Downtown Portland
Aero Maintenance Flight Center is located on the historic Pearson Airfield (VUO) located in Vancouver, Washington. Pearson Field is home to Fort Vancouver and the Pearson Field Education Center.  For more information on our airport check out this video.

Pattern Operations
Pearson Field is Class D airspace administered by Pearson Advisory, which is a position at Portland Tower. Initial contact when entering the Class D area should be made to "Pearson Advisory".  Just like any Class D, please listen to the weather on 135.12 and then advise Pearson Advisory of your location, intensions and that you have the latest weather.  Example "Pearson Advisroy, Cessna 12345 is over Vancouver Lake landing Pearson with the weather."  You should expect to hear something like " Cessna 12345 Pearson Advisory, remain outside of Portland's class charlie airspace, caution wake turbulence from Portland departures to the west (or east), make all of your CTAF calls on this frequency." All subsequent position reports should be made to "Pearson Traffic" on the same frequency. Enter and leave the pattern from the northwest over Vancouver Lake. All traffic patterns are north of the airport; right traffic for runway 26 and left traffic for runway 8.  All Pearson pilots are notified of arrivals and departures from PDX would benefit from spacing accordingly.  Remain below 1,100 MSL until clear of the Class D cutout. For more details on dimensions of the Pearson Class D please visit the City of Vancouver link to the Pearson Airport.

What you need to know:  
 · 2 miles SW of Downtown Vancouver
 · N45-37.23 W122-39.39
 · Magnetic variation 17° E
 · Runways 8/26, 3275x60 (RP 26)
 · 1000 FT TPA
 · Pearson Advisory 119.0
 · Pearson Traffic 119.0
 · UNICOM 123.0
 · ASOS 135.12, Ph: 360.696.1280
 · Seattle FSS 122.35
 · Due to proximity to Portland's arrivals and departures, Pearson traffic is advised to turn towards the north prior to 700 feet.
Pearson Field
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