Discovery Flights


We would love for you to join us for a Discovery Flight! Also known to others as an “introductory flight”, Discovery Flights are a great way to see whether learning to fly is for you. You will be able to experience your Discovery Flight along with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor where you will be able to ask questions, and even learn a few things about flying that you wouldn’t even expect! We offer three types of Discovery flights.

If you would like to learn more about flying lessons beyond our Discovery Flights, please click here to visit our flight school website.

Menu of Flights

The Classic (30 minutes) – Starting at $75

The Classic Discovery Flight is perfect for someone looking to check out aviation. This 30 minute flight is a short joy ride with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor that will answer the question of whether flight training is really a good option. We offer this flight in two different airplanes:

Cessna 150 (two seats) $75
Cessna 172 (four seats) $90, yes you can bring a couple friends along!

The Premium Discovery (60 minutes) – $160

This flight is for the aviator who has great curiosity in flight training. This one hour long flight with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor will answer many questions about what flight lessons are all about. We offer this in our Cessna 172 (4 seats) for $160.

The Destination Discovery (120 minutes) – $299

Come fly on a Destination Discovery Flight and see how general aviation can change your life. On this flight, you have a FAA Certified Flight Instructor and aircraft for up to two hours to explore the benefits of destination flying in the Pacific Northwest. This might prove that the long drive to the coast can be accomplished in minutes with an airplane.  Aviation is one of the few places that allows you to gain time. You will also receive a free pilot logbook. We offer this in our Cessna 172 (seats 4) for $299.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What should I bring with me for my Discovery Flight?
    • The only thing that you will need to bring is your sense of curiosity and adventure. If you would like to take pictures, feel free to bring a camera. Unlike the airlines, you are allowed to use your cell phone to take pictures on board at all times.
  • How old do I have to be to take a Discovery Flight?
    • Any age in which you can see over the dashboard.  Discovery flights can make great birthday events for kids and adults.  In order to get a license one must be 17 years old.  So it makes sense to begin flight training after 15 1/2 years of age.
  • Will I be able to fly the plane?
    • We would love for you to experience what it feels to be a pilot, so you will be able to take the controls.  You will be accompanied by a FAA Certified Flight Instructor who is happy to share the flight controls as safety permits.
  • How many people can come along with me?
    • It depends on the aircraft that you choose. The Cessna 172 can accommodate up to 4 people depending on weight. Please be willing to share weights of the passengers when you schedule.
  • Will I get motion sickness?
    • This depends on whether you’re prone to motion sickness or not. Most people can ride in a small planes without any issues. We do provide tips that will alleviate motion sickness. Please let us know when you make a reservation that you need accommodations with motion sickness.
  • I’m afraid to fly. Should I take Discovery Flight?
    • Most people overcome their fear of flying knowing that they can take control of the airplane. Flying is very safe, and our FAA Certified Flight Instructors will educate you and address your concerns regarding flying.
  • What’s the best time of the year to take a Discovery Flight?
    • Just because we live in the Pacific Northwest, it does not mean that you can only fly in the summer time. There are many beautiful, calm days in the winter that you can fly. Autumn is also a great time to see the leaves turn colors as well.

Discovery Flight Reservations

Instructions: Click on the date that you were interested in booking your Discovery Flight in the calendar below. You can book up to 3 months in advance. We require a $30.00 deposit (taken over the phone) to secure your reservation date and time. Please be sure to enter the CAPTCHA at the bottom of the form to ensure that you’re human!

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