Flight School

Experience the joy of flight!Whether you want to be a weekend flyer or an airline pilot, getting your private pilot license is the first step.  At Aero Maintenance we can help you in this journey.  We have capable, experienced instructors to help guide you along the way and teach you the skills needed to become a safe and confident pilot. 

Our FAA Certified Flight Instructors bring skills and experience to the training environment from airline, bush, corporate and water flying backgrounds. At Aero Maintenance we teach flying, not just numbers.  From Private Pilot to Airline Transport we will get you trained and ready for your FAA check ride and a life long journey in aviation.

Call us to schedule for flight training, flight reviews, IPC checks and custom training.

If you are interested in learning to fly you must have many questions!  Please click here for a list of common questions.

We are accepting resumes for CFI positions.  Please email resume to tnelson@aeromt.com.

We specialize in:  
 · Student through ATP Certification
 · Flight Reviews, Refreshers
 · Instrument Proficiency Checks
 · Private & Instrument Ground School
 · Safety Seminars
 · Custom Training Programs

                      BECOMING A PILOT

Q:   How much will it cost?

A:    We pride our selves in approaching flight training like a personal trainer appoaches health.
We provide tailored training to each of our customers to make them talented and well trained pilots.  AND we are less expensive than most acedemic flight schools.  The more frequently you fly, the quicker you learn and the more money you save.

Q:  Where to start?

A:  Sign up for a Discovery Flight or Private Pilot Ground School.

Any other questions?  Ask a CFI at tnelson@aeromt.com.

Theresa Nelson
Theresa Nelson
Chief Instructor
 CFI, CFII, Tail-wheel

DJ Carter

Mike Murphy
CFI, Tail-wheel

Jason McCormick

Adam Moore
CFI, CFII, Tail-wheel

Tim Reed

Joe Chatterley

Brent Eastes