Cessna Service CenterAero Maintenance is proud to be an authorized Cessna Service Center.

Additionally, we maintain most piston-powered aircraft including Beech, Piper, and Mooney. We specialize in sheet metal work, and conventional gear aircraft. In additional to annual inspections and general repairs, we do float conversions and can also provide assistance in getting your float-equipped airplane off the ground.

We maintain a comprehensive stock of Cessna parts, accessories and general products. Those items not in stock are readily available from local distribution centers and generally arrive within one to two days. Contact Roy Adams, our Service Manager, for all of your maintenance needs.


Services that our maintenance department offers

  • Pre-purchase and annual inspections
  • Sheet metal repair
  • Engine repair
  • Machine shop service
  • Aircraft weighing
  • Routine maintenance
  • Float conversions
  • Aircraft Detailing
  • Oxygen servicing
  • Aircraft detailing (see pictures here!)

Get your 406 ELT installed today!  We are passionate about aircraft safety in remote areas.  As of a few years ago, the 121.5 ELTs are no longer monitored by satellite.

ELTIf a 121.5 ELT sets off a signal, search and rescue operations know the location within about two counties.  A 406 ELT connected to a GPS can transmit your location to the satellites that are monitored and search and rescue operations know your location within 70 feet.

We offer 406 ELTs for a very competitive rate because we are big advocates of the safety these devices add to aviation journeys.

To register your ELT please visit