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Welcome to the oldest airport in the West!

Flying into Pearson for the first time?  We are happy to have visitors and guests.  We have 15 restaurants within walking distance from the airport and we are happy to offer free courtesy bikes!  Please see our events page to learn more about the many FAA Safety Team seminars and ground schools that are being offered. Do you like flying all over Washington State? If so, check out this list of airport restaurants compiled by the Washington Airport Management Association (WAMA).


Pilot communications procedure for Pearson (KVUO)

All communications at Pearson Airport are conducted on 119.0

The Pearson Advisory is a FAA Controller at the Portland Tower who provides “Advisory Services” to users of Pearson Airfield.  Prior to arriving or departing the airspace which is shaped like a pie wedge simple establish two way radio communication with the Advisory.  You can expect to hear from the Advisory something like”

“Aircraft xxxxx, Pearson Advisory, maintain outside Portland’s Class Charlie Airspace and use caution for overflying aircraft from Portland.  Make all your CTAF calls on this frequency.”

Then, simply make all your normal CTAF calls.

The traffic pattern surrounding Pearson is all on the north side of the airport.  At no time should there be operations over the Columbia River.

For further details please see the FAA’s Letter to Airmen on Pearson’s Advisory Area.

Helpful Pearson and PDX information:

  • Portland Tower Pearson Advisories
    • Frequency: 119.0
  • Flight Following from Portland Approach

    • North of PDX frequency: 124.35
    • South of PDX frequency: 118.10
  • Flight Following from Portland Tower

    • North Bank frequency: 118.70
    • Midfield frequencies: 118.70, then 123.77
Weather Information:

  • VUO ASOS frequency: 135.12

    • Phone: (360) 696-1280
  • PDX Weather

    • ASOS phone: (503) 284-6771
    • ATIS phone: (503) 493-7557
    • ATIS frequency: 128.35

Pilot Services that we offer:

  • Self-serve Avgas 100LL
  • Complimentary transient tie downs
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Complimentary bicycle rentals
  • Walking distance to many restaurants
  • Car rentals
  • Taxi service


Discovery Flights

We would love for you to come and take a Discovery Flight!

Never been in a small plane before? We have many options for all types of future pilots and non-pilots alike. Click here to find out more information regarding our Discovery Flights, which starts at $75.

Click here to schedule a Discovery Flight with us!





Avionics & Pilot Shop

Come and visit our Avionics shop!

Come visit our Avionics and Pilot Shop! We are a Garmin and Bendix King dealer and would love to help you sort throughout the confusing options of ADS-B. In our Pilot Shop, we stock all sorts of pilot supplies and are happy to order in requests.